‘Narcos’ cast on ‘Naked Gun’ reunion special

The cast of The Naked Gun is set to reunite for a special reunion special at the MTV Movie Awards.

The special will feature footage from the series’ fifth and final season, which was released last week.

In the special, the cast will reunite to discuss the end of season 5.

“Naked Guns fifth and FINAL season was just as epic as we wanted to make it,” says co-creator and showrunner Robert Lopez.

“The characters were real, they were real-life people and we were really honored to be able to share it with our fans.”

The special marks the first time the cast and crew have filmed together in the last eight years.

“This is the first reunion since we filmed Naked Guns last season,” says Lopez.

Lopez says the show’s writers have also worked on a special to honor former stars and writers, and that the cast is “looking forward to it.”

“We’re going to put our hearts and souls into this,” Lopez says.

“It’s a chance to connect and be with the people that are closest to us.”

Lopez and Lopez also have the option to film their own scenes, which will be available for viewing.

They’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the cast can do for the reunion.

“We’ve been a part of this world, and I want to share that with the world,” says Marisa Ladd, who was a guest on The Naked Guns finale.

“That will be my last shot at it.”

Lopez says he and Lopez are still considering other roles, and he doesn’t want to leave the show.

“I don’t want this show to go away,” he says.

But he’s looking forward in the reunion, too.

“For us to be here, I want it to be a little bit bigger and bigger and be a good place for everyone to be together,” he adds.

“And if we can bring people together, it will be great.”

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