Airbnb’s new app lets users rent out their apartment for a day, then delete it again

Airbnb has launched an app that lets users buy out their own apartment for just a day or so, then use it again for a week or two.

The company says the idea is to allow its users to be flexible when it comes to renting out their homes.

It’s an important feature for those who want to stay in their homes longer.

“We’ve always wanted to make renting an experience that is fun and unique,” Airbnb chief operating officer Andrew Chen told the New York Times.

“We’re working hard to make that happen, and we think it’s going to be something we’re excited about for a long time.”

The app was designed by a team of Airbnb’s senior engineers, including senior software engineer David Dye, and it was announced last week.

Airbnb’s app lets you rent an apartment and then cancel it for a full week, with no further cost to you.

Airbnb users can also add other properties in their apartment and reserve rooms for their friends and family, and you can add properties as “cabins” for your guests to share.

Airbnb says the app can also help you manage the cost of your rental and also make sure guests don’t pay a significant amount for a property.

Airbnbs users can share and rent properties that they own through the app, as well as those they rent for friends and families.

The new app also lets you choose the type of apartments you want to rent, and the price you want for each.

The company says its goal is to make it easier for users to get around sharing their homes for short periods of time.

Airbnb users can sign up to the app and then add up to six properties in a day.

They can then reserve rooms, and they can also buy out apartments for a single day or two, depending on their interests.

Airbitz, which lets you buy apartments from homebuyers, is a big beneficiary of Airbnb, too.

It says it has more than 100,000 listings in the US, more than half of which are for rentals.

Airblink, which allows people to rent out an apartment, was also one of the first Airbnb users to launch its own app,, earlier this year.

It lets you find an apartment that’s suitable for you, set your price, and reserve a room for yourself or a friend.

AirBitz also has an app for renting out rooms in the house of your choice, and a website for buying properties.

AirBlink, however, is also in talks with Airbnb to expand its app.

Airbnb is also working on an app specifically for hotel reservation, which could allow users to rent a room in their own home.

Airline passengers may want to check out Airbnb-Booking, which is an app used by some airlines to book their next flight, which may or may not be available to everyone.

Airbnb-booking is not available to passengers.

AirBnb is also one part of

That service allows users to book flights through a website, but it is not compatible with the company’s mobile apps.

Airman said the company had a few other initiatives in place as well, including a suite of new features for booking flights and other services.

He said there would be an app update for all Airbnb-related services next week.

Airplanes will continue to fly without a single passenger, Airman said, and airlines have been looking at the next-generation of their service to help them meet their passengers needs.