‘You cannot live with water pollution’: Residents of Beit Hanina complain

The Israeli government has announced plans to impose fines of more than $10,000 on residents of Beilin, a Palestinian town near Jerusalem that has become a flashpoint for Israeli protests against water pollution.

Residents of Beitar Illit, located on the eastern edge of Bejla, are among the most vulnerable to water pollution in the occupied West Bank, said the city council, which is in charge of water supply for the city.

Water pollution in Beit-Hanina is not confined to Beit Ben-Gurion and Beit Sheva, two villages close to the Israeli-occupied West Bank city of Nablus, said residents.

The area is also home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in Beitar.

The city council announced on Thursday that it would impose fines ranging from $5,000 to $10.5 million, or up to 1.7 percent of the city’s annual tax revenue.

Water-related crimes and other offences will be subject to criminal penalties, the council said.

The municipality’s website said that water pollution is “the root of all Israel’s problems”.

“Beit Hanan, with the highest concentration of water pollution, is a symbol of the way in which water is used and polluted,” it said.

“It is also the source of Israel’s water security, and the problem is not only of Israel.

The solution is not just to fix the problems of water but also to address the root causes of water contamination.”

The municipality said that it will take steps to reduce the pollution and ensure the protection of human health.

The council said the decision was made after consultations with the Civil Administration and other bodies.

“The council is committed to working with the civil administration, the city administration and local community members to reduce water pollution and to address water contamination,” the council statement said.

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