How to filter your water in Tucson, AZ

By the end of this summer, the National Aquarium of Tucson will open a new aquarium at its downtown Tucson facility.

This new aquarium, located in the heart of Tucson’s historic district, will provide access to clean drinking water for all of the aquarium’s visitors.

But the aquarium also has plans to transform the area surrounding it into an urban hub, where it hopes to bring visitors to the aquarium, where they can experience live aquariums, meet other aquarium-goers and take in exhibits and other activities.

The Aquarium’s opening comes at a time when Tucson is experiencing a surge in new housing developments, and the new aquarium is part of the new downtown Tucson project.

It also comes as the Aquarium is currently undergoing a $4.2 million renovation to accommodate more than 5,000 visitors.

“This project is a significant milestone for the Aquaria as we strive to attract and retain the world’s best aquarium-experience professionals,” said Aquarium CEO David Kupchan.

“The new Aquarium will serve as a catalyst for the growth of the Aquaculture District, creating more opportunities for Tucson to grow its business-to-business tourism industry, including a robust entertainment district.”

The Aquaculture District is the largest entertainment district in the nation, covering more than 7 million square feet in downtown Tucson, including restaurants, hotels, and retail.

The city and state are looking to create a new economic development district that will connect businesses to new jobs, attract visitors and create new jobs for residents.