Why you should use the most expensive bottled water in Australia

The cheapest bottled water sold in Australia is the one you’re likely to be using most of the time, according to new research.

Key points:Key points – The study by Beverage Marketing Association of Australia (BMA) found that the cheapest water available in Australia was from the Beverage Industry Australia, which sells the cheapest brands at a cost of $0.50 a litre, compared to the Beverages and Liquor Distributors Association (BALDA) which sells at $1.50 for 100 litres.

“We found that when you look at the price of the cheapest bottled drink in Australia, you get the most affordable product for the least money, as opposed to what you would normally get for the same amount of money in a supermarket,” Beverage marketing association CEO Robyn Hickey said.

“So the Bevereries and Liquors Association has a lower price than the Beverances and Industry Association, but we don’t see it as being the most efficient.”

She said there was a similar pattern across all the major brands.

“Beverages are very expensive, and they have very high margins, so it makes sense that you would buy your water from the lowest cost provider,” she said.

But the BMA said the data showed it was the Beveragies that were the cheapest, but the price was based on a 10-year average, rather than the average price for a month.

“It was an expensive 10-yr period, but it was an average period, so you’re not really seeing the difference between the Beveragers and Liquifiers Association,” Ms Hickey explained.

“There’s no evidence to suggest that this is a product that is going to be an efficient use of the water.”

But she said the BBA had the right policy, and would use its best research.

“What we do know is that the best way to get good results is to target the best supply of water, and the Beveraging Industry Australia is one of the best at getting the cheapest supply of bottled water, so that’s where we’ll be using that data,” she added.

“When we look at what we do with the data, it’s pretty clear that the Beverags are the best providers of bottled drinking water.”

The BMA’s research is based on the number of litres sold in a month in the six months to June, 2017.

It also looked at the number, cost and volume of water consumed per person.

It found that bottled water is more expensive in some states than others.

The cheapest water sold was in Victoria, which has a per capita consumption of about 3.8 litres per person, while NSW is at around 2.5 litres per capita, but only in some areas.

The BBA’s research found that water was more expensive at the national level than the states.

It said the average per capita price of bottled beer was $1,039 in New South Wales, compared with $902 in Victoria.

The largest price difference was at the state level, where bottled beer cost $1;4 in Victoria and $2 in NSW.

The data showed that bottled drinking was cheaper in Victoria than in other states, but not at the level that would be expected based on average price of water in each state.

Beverage industry groups are urging consumers to check out the latest pricing data, and to make their own purchase decisions based on what they can afford.

“People are paying $1 per litre for bottled water that doesn’t necessarily reflect what it’s actually going to cost them,” Ms Hudson said.

The Australian Beverage Association’s research shows that most people would not consider paying $5 for a cup of water for a week.