Why Australians are paying more for bottled water than ever Australian Financial Press

Posted September 09, 2019 12:12:10 Australian consumers are paying an average of more than $1,600 per year more for their bottled water, according to data released by the Australian Financial Reporter.

Water filters, aquaquest and bulk filtered water sources account for almost half of the extra cost, which covers the cost of each 100 litres.

The cost of bottled water in Australia has been on a steady rise over the past decade, according the Australian Council of Social Services, which released the figures today.

“It’s quite difficult to quantify exactly how much this is costing consumers, but we can be pretty confident that it’s higher than any other Australian consumer expenditure,” said Helen Koehler, the organisation’s chief executive.

She said the cost was a combination of factors including the cost to replace the water in a bottle, the cost for water filters and the cost in purchasing water filters.

Water filters can cost up to $500 and Aquasquirt, a bulk filter, can cost more than double.

Australia has also seen a sharp rise in the number of bottled drinks available, which rose from 14 million litres in 2015 to nearly 22 million litres by 2019, according data from the Australian Beverage Association.

Drinking water has become a major issue in Australia, with more than two-thirds of Australians surveyed in a recent survey reporting that they had used water filtered at home.

About three-quarters of respondents said they were aware of bottled-water advisories, while about three-fourths reported having water in their homes contaminated with microorganisms.

Most of the bottled water products on sale in Australia are made from tap water, with a few exceptions.

Kiwi Water, the largest bottled water maker in the world, is made from rainwater and water from streams in New Zealand.

Australian brands such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are also widely available.

Aquasqurimp, the first Australian-made filter made with aquaquacity, costs about $2.50 per 100 litres and AquaQuest is a filter made from algae and fish meal.

An estimated $7.5 billion worth of bottled products are on sale each year in Australia.

Some of the biggest brands on the market include Coca-cola, Coca-Cola Australia, PepsiCo, Nestlé and Coca-Pepsi.

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