What you need to know about the new Aquion water filter

In the early 2000s, when water was becoming scarce, the makers of the Aquion Water Filter tried to take advantage of the situation by offering a water filter that could filter and purify drinking water from a lake in Mexico.

The Aquion filter worked well enough that the company began selling the filters around the world.

It wasn’t long before Aquion began offering filters for sale on its website, and its product line has continued to expand ever since.

However, as the company has expanded its reach, it has also faced a number of water quality concerns, including leaks and issues with the filters itself.

It recently started shipping new filters to customers who purchased its older model.

It’s clear that Aquion has faced some challenges with the product itself.

As of this month, the company says the filters can’t be reused and the water must be treated before being used.

But there are other problems that have plagued the Aquions.

In a blog post, Aquion revealed that it had been unable to meet all the required certification standards for its new filter.

It also acknowledged that it has been working on a number different product lines that are currently not available to customers.

The company has since been working to address the issue, issuing a statement saying that it would be launching new products in 2019.

Aquion also said that it was working with manufacturers to “get back into the water filter business” and would be adding a new filter line in 2018.