Which filters are safe to use for your fish?

A Canadian aqualogic manufacturer is offering its filters for use in aquaculture as a way to improve fish health.

The product is called Aquion Water Filters and it’s being promoted on the company’s website as a safer alternative to fish oils.

The company has been testing its products in fish farms since January, with the goal of providing better fish health and reducing the use of toxic chemicals in aquaponics systems.

“We’re trying to do a lot of things that are sustainable, that we’re doing with our water, that are more sustainable,” said James Gilding, who oversees Aquion’s Aquion Fish Aquaculture business.

Gilderin, who also heads the Aquion Aquaponics and Fish Farms division, said the Aquions Aquion water filter uses a blend of high-tech, carbon-neutral polymers, which are more resilient than conventional water filtration methods.

It uses biodegradable polymers that can be easily recycled, and it recycles up to 100 per cent of the water.

“That is a huge step forward in the sustainability of the whole process,” he said.

“This is something that will hopefully change the landscape of aquaponic systems, because there’s a lot more to it than simply filtering.”

Aquion Water filters are formulated to be very good for fish health, but also to provide a much better way to treat fish.

“Gilding said Aquion has found that fish farms use a variety of filtrates, which include some that use synthetic and some that do not.

Aquion is using the Aquium, which uses biocompatible polymers and a polymeric coating that reduces the risk of disease.

We are really confident that this product will actually work for fish.” “

They were able to really optimize the performance of their filter, and we have to say that the Aquius filter is going to perform better,” he told CBC News.

“We are really confident that this product will actually work for fish.”

Gilders product is a blend that includes both Aquium and Aquium Nano-PVC, which use biodegradeable polymeric material to protect against algae growth and can be recycled.

The Nano-PUC water filter, which can be made with only a few simple ingredients, is used in fish tanks, which is the same use as a fish tank.

Gaines says Aquion can also use Aquiums biodegraded water filter.

“The Aquion Aqua water filter is a unique, low-tech product, and one that is very appealing to a variety, a variety who are looking for a filter that is going be environmentally friendly, and is going go to work for them,” Gildering said.

The Aquions water filter can be purchased online or by calling 1-800-668-4356.

Gains are being made on the project and Aquion expects to be able to offer the filter for purchase later this year.

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