Water filters belleleville for $5.50

The Water Filters Belleville at 914 W. Bellevile Blvd., is one of two water filters in Napier, and it is $5 per filter, not including taxes and fees.

Napier’s City Council voted last week to raise the rate to $5, a rate that would be higher than Bellevillians pay for their tap water.

The water filter was installed in August 2018.

Napiers water filtration efforts have received widespread attention since the city adopted a citywide water filter mandate last year.

The city has received over 3,000 reports of water contamination.

Water filters Bellevierville at 801 W. Beecher St., is another one in Napiers tap water that is $2.50 per filter and does not include taxes or fees.

This is the first water filter installed in Napies city, and is the only water filter that does not come with a bill for water usage.

Napies water filter effort has received widespread support and praise from the public.

Napie residents are requesting that the city add more water filters to its tap water to help prevent contamination.

The City of Napier has announced that the cost of installing the water filters will be covered by the city’s Water Conservation Fund.

Naperville has announced it will install a water filter at the South Shore Park location of its Water Supply District, which includes the South End neighborhood of the city.

A public hearing on the project is scheduled for March 19.

The Water Control Plan for Naperville will be finalized in September 2018.

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