The NFL may ban its fans from using Elga water filter

WASHINGTON — The NFL is considering banning fans from drinking or using Elgac Water, a proprietary water filter made by the company Aquatech.

The NFL will likely announce that soon.

The league is also considering moving its game between Philadelphia and Green Bay to New York, which would save the team the $1 million it would pay for a new stadium, the league told Fox Sports.

The decision to ban the water filter comes a week after the NFL announced it would ban the use of its new “Elgac” water filters.

The league’s new filter is designed to help protect the health of athletes from a range of contaminants.

But the new water filters could also be causing harm to players and the health system.

On Tuesday, the NFL’s health and safety committee voted to recommend the league adopt a new standard that requires water filters for all teams and players, including in games, practices and competitions.

In addition, the committee is reviewing a new “expert advisory panel” that includes Dr. Paul Gartrell, a leading expert on the health effects of exposure to a wide range of chemicals, and former National Football League player Brian Dawkins.

Dawkins, now an environmental attorney, said that water filters have the potential to harm players and create health risks.

“It is very important that the league have an expert panel of experts in the field who are not biased toward the water companies,” Dawkins said.

“The league needs to start talking to the players and get their input.”

The committee’s vote comes as the league is preparing to release a new proposal to address concerns over the health hazards of water filters and the long-term effects of using them.

The committee is scheduled to meet in March to discuss the proposed guidelines.

“The NFL has been working closely with EPA, with the FDA, with public health experts to ensure that the new standard is consistent with best science,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora said.

The new rules are expected to be released within months.

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