La Repubblica: ‘We’re going to get the first taste of Juventus’

The Football Italian can reveal that Juventus have made an approach to Juventus owner Silvio Berlusconi for a new deal, which could include a lucrative new deal to keep him in the club.

The Bianconeri, who have been in talks with the Nerazzurri’s owners, have made a bid for a player who is wanted by Milan and are willing to pay him a reported €2.5m.

The deal would take the player to Turin.

Berlusconi is said to be unhappy at the situation at the San Siro and is considering the option of quitting the club or moving to a bigger club.

However, the Berlusconian has stated that he will not resign.

According to sources, the club has already agreed a deal with AC Milan for an 18-year-old midfielder and the club have also secured the services of a midfielder and striker.

However there are no concrete details yet on the terms of the deal and Juventus are waiting for the Milan offer to be confirmed.

This is a story about Juventus and Juventus and the future of Silvios Berlus.

I’m not going to tell you the names, but I can tell you this is a very important story.

I’ve already told you the details.

I want you to know this because I know it is important.

I want to tell the story because I want to know that Juventus are going to win the Champions League.

I hope it will happen, and I also hope it can happen for many more years.

I hope it happens for many years.

We have a lot of work to do in the future, but we want to win.

We are looking forward to the challenge of this season and the next.

We will be ready.

I’m not worried about the future.

I know that I’m going to be the head coach at a very good club, and in this respect, I will do my best to be in charge for many, many years, and the best will always win.