‘Tremendous’ Aquastream filters have water in them, Fox News reports

The AquaSight water filters are “tremendously” effective in protecting against algae blooms and bacteria, according to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

The study was funded by the US Department of Defense and was led by the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

The study analyzed a total of 10,000 samples collected from 2,000 households.

The water filters tested positive for nearly 100 different bacteria and 99% of bacteria tested positive to salmonella.

According to the study, the AquaSights are the most effective filter on the market and provide the most protection against salmonellosis.

The study also found that the filters contained more than 90% of the nutrients they were meant to contain, the AP reported.

The AquaSIGHTS were developed in 2005 and the technology is still being refined.

The company hopes to have the filters ready for sale in 2018.

“I can assure you, with the Aquastight filters, the water is safe to drink and it’s free of chemicals,” CEO Jason Miller told the AP.