Water filters hampton, water is getting hot in the city

Water is getting hotter in Hampton as a result of the heatwave and the city has been struggling to cope with the heat.

The city’s water utility says more than 1,000 homes in the suburb are without running water.

“We’re not having any problems with water,” the Utility’s Water Services Manager, John Wilson, told AAP.

He said the heat was getting to the homes because of the lack of electricity and the need to make sure there was enough heat in the homes to make the homes comfortable.

Wilson said the city was still trying to get power back online but there was still a lot of work to do.

There are also concerns for the residents of the neighbouring suburbs of Chippendale and Mascot.

Chippendale is experiencing some of the highest temperatures in the country with a high of 104 degrees.

While Mascotte is at a similar level of temperature, it has had only a few minor power cuts.

In a statement, the Victorian government said it was looking into how to help the city and the surrounding areas.