The water filters and water purification system that’s causing the algae crisis

Phoenix, California, is facing the most severe water contamination crisis in its history after more than 300 people in its capitol district died from algae poisoning.

The Phoenix Metropolitan Water District says the district’s water filters are the most effective means of fighting the algae problem, but many residents still don’t have the time or money to buy them.

More than 700 Phoenix residents are now in a waiting list to buy the filters, and many more are likely to die from the bacteria in their water if they don’t get them.

The water filters also contain heavy metals, lead, mercury, and arsenic.

They also contain chemicals known as fluorides, which are known to harm kidneys, lungs, and nervous system.

The district says it is taking immediate action to address the problem, and it is launching a program to replace many of the filters.

The Phoenix Water District is now using an automated system to test the water before and after each use to prevent people from accidentally taking the filter, and to detect if there are any problems with the filters after they have been in the tap for an extended period of time.

“We’ve seen a number of positive reports in the community and it’s not just us, but a number that are coming in,” said Phyllis Seltzer, an employee of the Phoenix Water Department.

“We are very aware of the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are using these filters that are not fully tested.”

The problem started in March when the city of Phoenix installed two new water filters to reduce the amount of algae in the city’s drinking water supply. “

That is what we are doing right now.”

The problem started in March when the city of Phoenix installed two new water filters to reduce the amount of algae in the city’s drinking water supply.

The filters were installed to protect the water supply from the algae and to protect against corrosion.

When they were installed, residents were told the filters contained fluoride, which is a common water-treatment method.

Fluoride, or fluorocarbon, is a chemical used to neutralize and remove lead and other heavy metals.

But many people are still not sure how it works.

The filters were meant to help reduce the water in the drinking water by removing the heavy metals that are present in the filters but that are no longer present in their tap water.

They did not have a long shelf life, and in some cases, the filters were leaking water into the city.

According to the Phoenix Department of Public Works, the water filters have been used since January of 2018.

Phoenix is not alone in the crisis.

Water systems in parts of California, New York, and Florida have also reported algae contamination, and the problem has spread to some other parts of the country.

Officials in Florida say they are working to install a water-purification system, and officials in New York have said they are installing filters to protect their water supply against algae and other contaminants.

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