The NFL is going to install new water filters in the locker room.

A new water filter is being installed in the NFL locker room, as part of an effort to curb pollution and provide clean water for fans and employees.

The installation was announced Tuesday by the league, and it will take effect for the 2014 season.

“I think the biggest difference for me is the fact that I’ve been out here and I’ve seen what it’s like,” running back Adrian Peterson said.

“I can honestly say, it’s much more of a positive atmosphere.”

The new filters will be installed in front of the locker rooms doors and at various points along the length of the tunnel leading to the team’s practice facility.

The process is part of a long-term initiative that includes installing water filters on the sidelines, in the hallway, in locker rooms, in areas where fans can sit, and in other areas to protect players from the environment.

Peterson said he and his teammates have been told the filters will not harm the environment, but that he’s concerned the new water will not filter through the water-filled seats and that the process will not be as smooth as it should be.

“The filter is going into the water, it will be filtered, and then it will go down the bowl,” Peterson said, adding that the filter will be in place for about a month before it is removed.

“Then it will come out again.

But the filter has to go in there before it comes out.

I’m hoping that they’re just a bit quicker with it.”

The league has been working on a new filter for several years, and the project was announced in 2009.

Peterson, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, said he was told the new filters would be installed within the next six to eight months.

“It was a big deal,” Peterson added.

“It was something I wanted to do.”

The team announced the new filter installation Tuesday during a press conference, with players, coaches, and players’ union representatives standing at the podium with Peterson.

The league is hoping that the new technology will help keep fans in the stadium, while also helping to keep them from entering the facility to drink or use the facilities.

“We are all committed to improving the quality of life in our locker rooms and our team facilities, and we are excited to work with the NFL on this project to address a growing number of issues in our communities,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

“This initiative is part and parcel of our ongoing commitment to address the environmental impact of sports on our communities, and will help ensure that every player, fan and employee has access to safe and clean water,” McCarthy said.