When to drink water without filters

In recent years, scientists have developed new ways to filter out harmful bacteria from drinking water.

But even as more water is being purified through these techniques, the chemicals are still present in the water.

For example, a common type of chlorine found in many tap water treatments, which is used in many drinking water systems, is also present in some purified water.

The new research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that the chemicals can be detected in some water in many locations even though water systems are using a filter system.

The new research, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, shows that when purified water is heated, the chlorine reacts with the water’s water molecules, forming chlorine compounds.

In addition, some chemicals in purified water are released into the water when it is heated.

These chemicals are similar to those found in the chlorine, according to lead author of the study, Mark Zellner.

They are released when the water is added to a solution of nitrates or nitrates and salts.

If you are concerned about the chemicals in your water, you can use a chlorine filter instead.

The filter works by adding sodium carbonate to the water before adding the chlorine to it.

“Chlorine reacts with water molecules and creates compounds that are more toxic than the chlorine itself,” Zellter said.

But if you don’t have a filter, the new research shows that chlorine is also still present even when water systems do not use a filter.

According to Zellers study, when the chlorine in water is turned off, the water molecules react with the chlorine compound, creating carbon dioxide and hydrogen ions.

That can be toxic.

When the chlorine is turned on, the carbon dioxide creates oxygen.

That leads to the release of nitrate and sodium nitrate into the air.

These compounds are also toxic.

When people drink water from purified water, they are ingesting the harmful chemicals.

The research shows the chlorine compounds can be more toxic to people than they are to the chlorine.

To avoid these harmful chemicals, Zeller said, people should use purified water when they drink water.