Dista Water Filter Co. says it will add a $2,500 price increase to its existing water filter range

Bloomberg: Dista has announced that it will introduce a $1,200 price increase on its existing filters that customers have been using for more than three years.

The company said in a statement that it expects to add a second-level filter to its lineup in March, but the cost increase is based on the “competitive market.”

The company is making the change to comply with regulatory pressure from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it said.

Dista previously lowered the price of its existing range of water filters in 2014, when it introduced a cheaper version of its new water filter.

The new filter will cost customers $2.00 per quart for new customers.

The $1.00 price increase will apply to both water and mineral water filters.

Distas water filters will be available for consumers in March at a suggested retail price of $2 per quart.

Dilla, a British-owned water filter maker, said it would increase the price on its filter range for new and existing customers.

Dillas new filter, the Dista water filter, will be the first of its kind in the U, said CEO David Coyle.

The range will cost consumers between $3.00 and $3,500 per year.

Dills customers have complained about the high cost of water filter filters and Dilla says it is working on a cheaper, simpler water filter that would replace most of its current water filters with the cheaper version.

Dina Alonzo, senior vice president of product marketing for Dilla said the company is lowering its prices to match its competitors.

“Our water filter prices are going to go down, and we are reducing them because we know our customers are very passionate about their water,” Alonzzos statement said.

“We know that customers want to buy a product that is safe and effective.”

Dillas water filter is made by a company in the Netherlands.

Alonozo said the price hike will help the company keep up with competition and keep up its customer satisfaction.

Dines’ water filter will have a new name, but it will retain its brand name, according to Alonzos statement.

The price increase follows a recent report that found that the price for a new filter had risen from $2 to $2 a quart.

The average price of a water filter dropped from $1 to $1 a quart last year, according the U to Bloomberg.

Diller, which owns Kmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, Target, Sears, and others, has been battling with regulators over its prices for some of its products.

Last month, regulators at the U; Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) said that Diller’s water filters were misleading customers about their effectiveness.

In a letter sent to Diller and other manufacturers last month, the agency said that the cost of a filter can vary by as much as 20% because manufacturers “typically use less expensive filter technology and can also increase the cost per ounce of product by up to 10%.

These differences can make the difference between a consumer being able to purchase the product at its advertised price or paying a premium price.”

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