A water filter from the future is finally here

A water filtration system from the distant future may soon be available to all, thanks to an Israeli startup.

Called “SodaCloud,” the water filter uses the “smart air” technology from Google Glass to extract water from the air.

The SodaCloud prototype was demonstrated at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place in Las Vegas.

Its creators hope to have the water filtrate 10 million gallons of water a day in a couple of years.

The system uses a large air filter to capture the CO2 released by the air as a solution.

After being pumped out, the water is filtered through a filter in the system.

According to the SodaCloud company, the filter can collect around 100 parts per million of CO2, or less than 0.2 percent of the air, which is a significant improvement over the current methods.

The water filter is not perfect, however, as the filter has a number of limitations.

It does not have the ability to filter out contaminants, such as CO2 and other toxins.

The filters can also absorb CO2 from the environment.

So, the Sodacloud system has limited usefulness.

Still, SodaCloud CEO Eitan Shabat said that the water filters technology has been in development for years and that it is one of the most promising ideas in the water purification field.

Shabat says that SodaCloud was originally formed to solve the water problem, but it was able to turn it into a business model after the company was funded by Google.

The company plans to expand its services to include more filters in the future.