How to make your own haiti water filters

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Haiti’s haiti population has been shrinking rapidly since the last devastating earthquake, which killed more than 9,000 people.

Since then, the country has struggled to recover from the devastating 2009 pandemic, which affected 80 percent of the population.

A few years ago, the government began offering water filters for sale in stores and online.

But these days, the water filters are sold in bulk for around $60, which is a pretty good price for the quality of water they’re designed to filter out.

So, when a local couple was trying to find a cheaper way to filter their own water, they decided to do it themselves.

They decided to start with a cheap water filter they had lying around, but they wanted to make their own.

They used an old water filter, a cheap plastic container, and a water filter attachment to create a filter.

The couple decided to call it a haiti filter, and they’ve been using it to filter drinking water since.

“We’re trying to keep it simple, but the filters are a lot of work,” Hilariette said.

“I think that the water is too cold.”

The couple said they’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in their water quality since using the water filter.

“In the past few days, we’ve been drinking less than normal,” Hameriette added.

The couple says they’ve already seen a drop in malaria cases, and their kids are healthy again after their illnesses were treated.

“It’s been the best investment we’ve made,” Hastert said.