Why does your water filter suck?

A lot of people ask me why my water filter sucks.

What’s the problem?

I’m not sure why my filter sucks at all.

I have a couple of things going on.

First, I have a water filter on the top of my shower head.

Second, I don’t have a hose in my shower.

That’s why my air is so hot.

So, my water comes out a little bit dry.

My water filter is supposed to do the job.

But when I’m in the shower, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

How to fix it?

My wife suggested using a water pump to bring water to my taps.

And I found a new way to clean it.

When I’m out in the sun, my shower is like a huge vacuum.

This is where I get my water.

In the morning, the air is hot, and the water is too hot.

So, it just pulls air in.

The more air you add, the more water you get.

As I’m showering, my air becomes hot and humid.

It’s not getting enough water to make my water taste good.

Now, I can get water to the tap.

With a water tap, the water has to be cool to prevent it from freezing.

Here, I’ve got my water tap set up.

(I’ve also got my vacuum fan in the background.)

I can’t wait to use my water again.

One more thing: The hose is the only part of my water system that doesn’t need a filter.

You can clean your water filters with a simple tap water disinfectant.

If you’re worried about your water getting contaminated, here’s a tip: Wash your clothes with soap and water, and then rinse them in hot water.

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