AquaQuest Water Filters B.C. Launches Its ‘Filtered Water Locations’ to Help Customers Protect Their Water Sources


– On January 1, AquaQuest announced the launch of its “filtered” water locations service.

The service, which provides filters to customers in the greater B.S. market, will allow customers to locate water sources on their property, at their water points, or in other locations.

The company is also introducing a new mobile app, called Aqua Quest Water Filtering, which will allow consumers to locate their filters and the water that they have located.

The app will also provide the location of their filters, the water they have removed and their water proofing, along with the locations of the filters.

Consumers can now also place filters and water points in their home.

Aquaquest Water Filting B.

Ca. is a division of Aquaqua Quest, the leading provider of filter technology for water purification systems.

The AquaQuash filters and equipment are designed to offer the best possible water purifying performance, with a high level of safety.

Aquavac filters and products have been available in the marketplace since 1996.